• Laura

Re-opening plan: Phase 1 Members Only

Updated: May 22, 2020

To our Maker Members,

Our monthly fee will automatically be sent out at the beginning of next month, as usual, as autopay was removed.

Please consider continuing your membership as you normally would. This is a challenging time, and your ongoing support allows us to be here for you when this crisis passes.  We have applied for every assistance opportunity that we can find, and if you hear of any please let us know. 

Challenging circumstances like this virus outbreak can put a huge strain on small arts organizations, such as Assemble. If you are able to support our small creative community, by donating monthly $60 as a Patron, click here.

If you have questions, please email us at assembleartisans@gmail.com.

Re-opening plan: Starts June 8th, 2020 If you have ever been approved for individual studio work, and/or a monthly member.

By entering space, you are agreeing to relinquish liability of exposure risks. In return, we will do our due diligence in maintaining a clean, safe environment as the CDC guidelines recommend. Masks are required for the duration unless you are in the entire space alone. Handwashing and sanitizing when entering, as well as touching mask or face. Each work studio is reserved/used by only one member at a time, with no friends, children, or pets. One person per studio, pottery, glass, and metal. As restrictions lift, we will increase to two people per studio. There will be three blocks a day; Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Mondays beginning June 8th, 2020. Block 1: 8 am-1:45 pm, Block 2: 3pm-8:45 pm, Block 3: 10pm-6:45 am with a break between for cleaning and sanitizing protocols. Work is cleaned up and you have left before the end of your block. The time between the blocks has been designed to allow for sanitation practices. (If you are sensitive to disinfectants, plan your time accordingly, and come in after the spray has a chance to settle down.) We have set up booking time slots on our website, click here. Select 3 blocks in advance a month on a first come first serve basis. Then please check back, and register for more on a weekly or daily basis. Try to book what you need, being aware of others. If you cannot make a block you have registered for text Laura @ 603-723-1004, so she can open it up for someone else. Door codes will change the night before, if you are signed up for the following day, you will receive your code by 10 pm the night before. If anyone tests positive within 2 weeks of coming in they have to notify us. If anyone tests positive the studios will be closed again for a period of time. Members shall use only their studio space, the classroom, and the bathrooms. Do not use the kitchen for eating or drinking. There will be a table, umbrella, and patio set up outside. You may want to dress accordingly. We will provide soap, masks, and sanitizer dispensers. Any member not following protocol will be locked out and their membership put on probation. There will be no Open Studio or Classes until fall. These details are subject to change.

If you have questions or concerns please email us atassembleartisans@gmail.com.